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August 27th, 2014

Indoor Cycling Classes start November 10!


Max Testa, chief medical officer and coach for the BMC professional cycling team, is joining forces with Millcreek Bicycles in offering another season of indoor cycling training. Backed by 30 years of experience in training cyclists of all levels, Max Testa has developed high intensity indoor cycling classes for participants wanting to train indoors during the colder winter months. In 2009, Max Testa began offering individualized, scientifically based, indoor cycling programs to the Salt Lake Valley in efforts to help all levels of cyclists train efficiently and effectively while using personal bikes and an ergometer measuring power. With the help of a lactate test, each participant will receive an individual fitness profile so that power zones and exercise intensity can be precisely prescribed while training in a group setting. Whether you are a triathlete training for Ironman, a master’s racer or a novice rider wanting to stay in shape over the winter, these classes will help you maintain and improve your bike performance with a minimal time investment.

Each 6 week training block, will gradually build in intensity while focusing on different training induced improvements.


Block 1: November 10 – December 20

Block 2: January 5 – February 14

Block 3: February 16 – March 28



Available Times (classes are 90 minutes each):

Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 5am, 6pm

Tuesday, Thursday: 6am, Saturday: 6am

Tuesday, Thursday: 6pm, Saturday: 8am



1 Block (6 weeks, 3 days per week, 90 minutes per class): $300

Lactate Threshold Test: $150

All 3 blocks + lactate threshold test (paid up front): $1,000

**A lactate threshold test is required within 6 weeks prior to participation in order to establish training zones


For any additional information, and/or to enroll, please contact Brad at Millcreek Bicycles:

801-278-1500 or

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